Top 7 water Purifier under 10000

If you are in search for water purifiers than you are at right place, In these we provide you Indias top 7 water purifier under 10000 with its features and quality which you can buy in your budget.

First of all before going directly through review we all should know what’s the importance of water in human life and how much importance of drinking pure water for human body.

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Why we need water? to keep our body hydrated we all need pure water. our body can perform proper functioning and all the toxins can get easily removed from our body. water play very important role in our body because loss of water from body may leads to dehydration and failure of organs. water can get purifies our kidney and keep body dehydrated and fresh.

To make healthy life pure water is essential and we can get this pure and fresh water from different water purifiers available in market. As fuel worked as vital part for vehicle to work proper water worked as a fuel for body.
As we know and see the quantity of water is in abundance but the quality is in sparse, this makes the use of water purifiers indispensable.

Water purifiers are used to purifies the dissolved impurities, bacteria and chemical from water . there are also various kind of water purifiers which convert hard water in soft water.

Here we are presenting a top 7 water purifier under 10000 which is budget freindly your budget which comes under 10000. We are here to help you out in choosing from different brands and models having RO UV ND AND UF purifier from top brands like Aquasure, Pure it, kent and livpure and many more. you can buy and keep in house for the sake of the safety of your family from diseases.

Top 7 water purifier under 10000

1) Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS water purifier

Aquasure from Aquaguard is the India’s largest and well known brand for water purifier that’s why I put it up in first position among all top 7 water purifier under 10000. This brand will assure you a quality level service for all kind of products.

    • Eureka Forbes is one of the best known company for water purifiers. It is a reputed brand which gives its services all around India across different cities. It gives good customer and support service.

    • This purifiers is a combination of best purifying technologies such as RO+UV+MTDS which provides you a fresh and clean drinking water. The aqua guard delight water purifier uses the sediment filter, chemi block, RO membrane , UV disinfection chamber, and post carbon filter for purification technology.

    • with the reduction of upto 90% TDS it treat water with high TDS level up to 2000PPM.
      Its RO+UV purification technology with TDS is used for controlling the taste and TDS level of purified water.

    • It has a stylish design with its attractive and semi transparent tank of water which consume 7 liter of water in it.
      with its PPM purification technology it can purifies all types of water containing ground water or even bore well water.
      If the tank is getting full or for power on/off it has indicator.


    • The key feature of this purifier is that it will beep as an alert when any fault is detected in the UV lamp. this is very important because UP lamp failure can be avoided for longer period.

    • The function of UV lamp is to detect bacteria, impurities and many harmful micro organism or viruses that are present in the drinking water. this may leads to many such disease that can be arise due to impurities of drinking water.

    • Thus this indication of UV lamp failure play very important role in this filter which can safe your family from various disease causes due to water.

What We Like :

  •  RO+UV+TDS controller technology
  • Clean and compact design.
  • 7 liter storage capacity.
  • Affordable price.
  • Compact and attractive design for indian kitchen

What We dont’t Like :

  • The quality of dispensing tap
  •  The power adapter is given outside the water purifiers body.
  •  The power adapter is given outside the water purifier body
  •  No alert/indicator for filter change
  • The quality of the dispensing tap could have been better

2) Pureit Advanced RO+MF 5-Litre Water Filter

Pureit is India’s well known and famous brand for providing quality level water purifier in all over India. It is trusted brand which offers you best design with quality.

    • Pureit Advanced RO+MF 5-litre Water filter uses advanced purification process in which it include 6 stage purification technology to clean and purifies water for better use to your family.
    • This 6 stage purification technology includes Pre -RO carbon filter, reverse- osmosis membrane, micro filtration and post RO carbon filter, PP melt blown pre-sediment filter, pre RO carbon filter, sediment filter and post- RO carbon filter.
    • It contain the 5 lit of water Storage capacity.
    • It can remove the highTDS level from water and can make the clean and pure water in range of 1800 PPM.
    •  Approximate 9-10 lit of water it can flow in 1hour. So you can easily get enough purified water storage.
    • This purifier is made up of high quality non toxic plastic which is highly protected from voltage fluctuation. It can Stabilizes the voltage properly.
    •  This purifier contain two germ kill kit from which one is used to kill germs and purifies water at the range of 3000 per liter and second one is used to purifies the water at the range of 6000 per liter.
    • This germs kill kit is used to remove micro organism pesticide and other impurities present in the water.

What We Like :

  • It is budget friendly..
  • Its maintaining cost is less.
  • It retained the taste of water.
  • It works as low as 100 volts AC power.

What We dont’t Like :

  • It create some noise during performing operations.
  • 5 liter storage capacity is not enough for join and large family.
  • We have to buy booster pump separately.
  • It will not have any LED indication to alert for kit change.

3) Livpure liv Prep Pro Plus 7l RO + UV + UF water purifier

    • Livpure comes in one of the best brand for water purifier category. It uses the advanced seven stage technology to purify the water.
    • This includes sediment filter, pre carbon filter block filter, anticipant cartridge , reverse Osmosis membrane, ultraviolet disinfection, ultra filtration cartridge and silver impregnated post carbon filter.
    • This seven stage technology is used to remove bacteria, dirt chemical impurities and pesticides from water.
    • Its silver impregnated post carbon filter is used to improve the taste and quality of water by removing volatile organic impurities.
    • Its effective filtration process can remove high TDS level from water and make it pure up to 1500 PPM drinking water.
    • It can output 12 liter of drinking water per hour which is a huge enough for large family.
    • It has LED indicator on the front to display whether the tank is full or not. It has automatic on /off switch process which automatically off when water level is getting full.
    • The UV disinfection column has a purification capacity of 24 L/hour.
      It comes with tank full, power on and purification process indications that provide user convenience.
    • The mineralized enhances the drinking water experience by retaining essential minerals along with improving the taste, quality and pH of the water.

What We Like :

  • It has seven stage effective filtration.
  • 12 lit of water storage capacity.
  • It has taste enhancer.
  • Strong build up
  • It is suitable for treating water with high
  • TDS levels of up to 1500 ppm.
  • It ensures 100% pure water that is obtained at an instant.

What We dont’t Like :

  • As per user reviews, the water purifier is noisy during purification.
  • There is heavy wastage of water during purification.

4) Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier1

kent RO is Indias best brand which offers a wide range of water purifier and filters with advanced RO+UV+UF water purification Technology. This brand I recommend as best among all top 7 water purifier under 10000 in India

    • Kent is a well known brand in India for water purifiers which provide its services in India as well as out of India.
    • This is India’s first UV water purifier which provide detachable water storage tank. Its designed is perfect for Indian Kitchen.
    • Kent purifier has dual filtration technology with UV filter and UF membrane to deliver pure water by removing bacteria, virus, and harmful chemical.
    • Its UV+UF water purification technology ensures that all contaminated in water should be removed.
    • It has 7 lit of water storage capacity which is easily available for family member to drink pure water all time.
    • The tank is made up of food grade plastic which is safe and durable and its transparency make it visual appearance more clear.
    • This Product has a purification capacity of 1 liter in a minute which is very fast in comparing other filters.
    • It has a high power 11 watt UV lamp which is used to deactivate micro organism from water.
    • It has a two unique features one is that it contain filter change alarm which is used to identify when we should have to change filter and other has UV fail alarm to indicate the UV lamp.
    • The company offer 1 year of warranty on this product.

What We Like :

  • This product has a detachable water tank which is easy to use and clean.
  • It has automatic mode of operation which does not require any manual intervention.
  •  Kent max uses activated carbon to purify water which eliminate bad and Adour taste from water.
  •  The push fit component prevent from water wastage .
  •  This model is CE and ISI certified.

What We dont’t Like :

  • It is not suitable where level of total dissolved solid are high.

5) Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amaze RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

    • Aquasure Amaze features almost an identical design, features and water purification technology, as the Aquasure Delight.
    • Aquasure Amaze is the latest in the line of affordable RO water purifiers from Eureka Forbes, Aquaguard.
    • It uses RO+UV purification technology to purify water with the TDS controller for adjusting the taste and TDS level of the purified water.
    • This purifier is Suitable for purification of tap/municipal water, or borewell/groundwater with the TDS level from 200 to 2000 PPM.
    • The product contain 7-litres of semi-transparent water storage tank which is easy to use for a family of more than 4 member.
    • Its unique feature include LED indicators for purification, tank full, and power-ON/OFF.
    • The dimensions, look and design, size & design of the water tank, location of the tap, location of the indicators, and stages of purification are all same as the Aquasure Delight.
    • The only visible difference is the color of the water purifier.
      It gives one year of warranty on product.

What We Like :

  • Compact & attractive design
  • TDS controller
  • Clean and compact design
  • Very Affordable price
  • 7-Litres storage capacity

What We dont’t Like :

  • The power adapter is given outside the water purifier body
  • No alert/indicator for filter change
  • The build-quality of the tap is not that good

6) Faber Galaxy Plus RO+UV+UF+MAT Water Purifier

    • Faber Galaxy Plus contain 8 stages of purification that are – External Sediment Filter (20 microns), Pre-Carbon Filter, Sediment Filter (5 microns), RO Membrane, Post Carbon Filter/MAT Filter, UF Membrane, and UV Filter
    • This model uses a specially designed Filmtech RO membrane made in the USA. This RO membrane gives it the power to purify water with a high TDS level of up to 2,500 PPM.
    • It contain 3. 9-litres storage tank with germ block technology which also has High purification capacity of up to 13.5-litres per hour.
    • Faber Galaxy Plus comes with a free external sediment filter also known as an external pre-filter. This means an extra saving of around Rs. 500 – 750.
    • This water purifier uses the MAT (Mineral Addition Technology) filter for adding common essential minerals in the purified water. The MAT filter adds essential minerals like copper, calcium, and magnesium that are naturally found in drinking water.
    • You can get healthier and tastier purified water.
    • The purifier features neatly designed indicators, for tank full, purification on/off, and low pressure, which are placed right in the middle for maximum visibility.
    • A large storage tank of 9-litres and a high purification capacity of up to 13.5 liters’ per hour make it an ideal choice for a small or large family.
    • The purifier does not feature any advanced features like filter change alert/indicator or ultra-modern design, but with all that it has got, it is definitely a good choice for most Indian homes.
    • A large storage tank of 9-litres and a high purification capacity of up to 13.5 liters’ per hour make it an ideal choice for a small or large family.

What We Like :

  • 8-stage purification with RO+UV+UF+MAT
  • High capacity RO membrane for TDS level up to 2500 ppm
  • 9-litres storage tank
  • Adds back essential minerals
  • Free external sediment filter
  • Purification capacity of up to 13.5 litres/hour

What We dont’t Like :

  • No alert/indicator for filter change
  • No color option apart from black

7) Aquatics plus Advance Plus Water Purifier

  • Aquatics is well known brand for providing water purifier in all over india. Aquatec is an ISO certified company that manufactures water purifiers to meet quality standards.

  • This RO+UV+UF+TDS comes with a purification capacity of 12 liters. It is capable of removing up to 99% of contaminants so that you obtain water that is safe and pure for drinking purposes.

  • It  contain 8 Kg of weight which contain storage capacity of 12 liter water storage.

  • It has the power to purify water with a high TDS level of up to 2,000 PPM.

  • Suitable for the purification of tap, municipal and brackish water up to TDS of 2000 ppm.

  • This is made up of using ABS food grade safe material.

  • The model gives you 1 year warranty.

What We Like :

  • Comes with a complementary free-filter for safety and long lastivity.
  • Compact size will allow you to fit it in even the smallest kitchen.
  • ISO Certified company that meets all the quality requirements ensuring safe and pure drinking water.

What We dont’t Like :

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