Best Gas Stoves In India | Which Gas Stove Is Best In India

Are you searching for the best gas stoves for your kitchen? we have simplified your task and listed the best gas stoves in India.Gas stove one of the most important appliances in our kitchen.

Without a gas stove, our kitchen is incomplete because it offers great meals every time we need it. It is like the coronary heart of our kitchen. And that is the element which gives an effective new appearance in our kitchen and meals too.

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Indian lifestyle has passed through incredible alternate however regular cooking still dominates the scene inside the ordinary existence of maximum Indian households. This makes gas stove the most important and indomitable appliance in every Indian kitchen. Even as many electric appliances are available in the market but have you ever notice that the chefs always cook on gas stoves? what is the motive of this? It’s because gas stoves has a feature of burner flame that can operate as a visible temperature gauge and so that food made quickly.

Gas stoves provide such many greater benefits that electric and induction cooktops can’t ever compete with. Investing inside the proper form of best gas stoves in India can be pretty a hard challenge. This is why I have done a variety of studies at the high-quality gasoline stoves available in India in 2020 and compiled a listing for you with its capabilities and all the specs.

We already recognize how conventional gasoline stoves are being replaced through the current gasoline stoves. What we want to understand is that there are several types of current gas stoves which can be a gift with numerous special capabilities for one-of-a-kind requirements. Therefore, you need to know what features to search for in this in relation to this small equipment in your kitchen.

If We Buy Check Before Buying Gas Stove?

Every homemaker wants the exceptional gasoline stove in her kitchen and over time, Gas stoves from diverse brands are coming with new innovations, additional functions and designs to healthy with a modular kitchen.

1) Number of Burners-There are 3 variant of burners:

  •       4-Burner
  •      3-Burner
  •      2-Burner
  •      There is available 1 burner also and it is only for individuals.

2) Types of Burners –  After the deciding on the no of burners then we have to decide the type of burner we want. whether you want standing pilot, Electric Ignition, Manual Ignition, Auto Ignition.

3) Burner Material-  When you choose a Burner Material is most important factor. Because it impacts lots of factors like heat distribution, durability, corrosion and so on. Generally, there may be two kinds of burners material to choose from:

  • Brass-
  • Aluminum

4) Distance between the Burners-  Generally gas stove has 2 or more burners it is important to decide the distance between them while using it. Because at time 2 burners can be used or 3rd can also be used if small pan is using but at 4 burners we cannot use all 4 at a time. Make a certain view, in which you may use all burners, bear in mind the stove with sufficient space between the 2 burners.

5) Ergonomics-  There isn’t always plenty in terms of ergonomics. It is just a knob for every burner. However, it’s far the maximum essential thing of any range. If it breaks down or is compromised, you can’t be capable of use the stove. So it turns into truly critical to get a model that has now not most effective durable knobs but gives you better manage over the heat.

6) Safety-  We are dealing with flammable gasoline, right here so protection standards also are vital. To ensure that a stove is secure to apply, see that if gasoline is ISI licensed or not. ISI full form is Indian standard Institute. The ISI certification ensures that the product has followed the regulated safety standards at the same time as designing and manufacturing. The majority of the coolest brands are ISI certified, so keep on with the ones manufacturers best.

7) Price and Warranty- Most of the product we have indexed covers every severe in terms of costs due to the fact some person wants features and are less concerned approximately fee and a few are vice versa. It all relies upon in your budget and wishes. However, a guarantee is what every buyer need to remember. Most of the brands we’ve mentioned in our list offer 1 or 2 years of guarantee on their product. So, remember merchandise from our list first, then you could look for others.

Also Check-

  • Rigidity and Stability
  • Resistance to abrasion with the assist of drip trays
  • Corrosion to the resistance of components
  • Position of the gas inlet connection
  • Equal and monetary distribution of ignition and flame journey
  • Gas consumption and energy-saving designs
  • Thermal performance of gasoline burners
  • The smooth operation of knobs and knob material
  • ISI certified

Top 9 Best Gas Stoves In India

1) Sunflame GT Pride 2 Burner

Cook a huge type of dishes with the Sunflame GT Pride 2 burner gasoline range and revel in its excessive high-quality manufacturing and end that units it other than the rest. These green brass burners, not simplest consume much less LPG than different sorts of burners however also are extremely long-lasting and may withstand with heavy use. Sunflame brand comes under the best gas stoves in India.

sunflame Gt pride


  • Extra spacious toughened glass cooktop with metal gold finish.
  • 2 excessive-performance brass burners with dimensions of 85 mm x 85 mm
  • Brushed matte finish chrome steel base Euro-lined pan supports, stainless steel drip trays
  • Color: Black, Material: Stainless Steel Base
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Gas Stove (670 mm x 390 mm x a hundred forty five mm)
  • Warranty: 2 years

What We Like :

  • Great value to the money.
  • Efficient burners.
  • Easy to ease and hold.
  • Compact and exquisite layout

What We dont’t Like :

  • Knobs needs attention

2) Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burner (Brown)

The Prestige surprise gasoline stove with burners is a noticeably green range. The glass top is toughened to be shatter-proof. It looks fashionable and adds charm to your kitchen. The burner stands are designed to be spill-proof so that you don’t must fear your vessels toppling over. The knobs are ergonomically designed for ease-of-use. The tri-pin burners range in size to apply one-of-a-kind vessels for cooking. Moreover, they are engineered to avoid leakage of gas to give you a secure and green cooking revel in. The compact design of the stove saves you a whole lot of counter-pinnacle space. Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burners has a fine feature to stand out in the list of best gas stoves in India.

Prestige marvel comes with individual pan aid that gives steadiness to pots and pans while placed on it therefore it enables uniform heating for ideal cooking and facilitates easy to cleaning.

prestige marvel glass 2 burner


  • Content: Prestigemarvel LP Gas Table with Glass Top, 2 Brass Burners-Gtm 02
  • Net Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Spill-proof design6Ergonomically designed knobs, ISI Certified
  • High-efficiency tri pin burners
  • Elegant black toughened glass pinnacle
  • Color: Black, Material: MS Powder Coated Body with Glass top, Shape: Rectangle
  • Warranty: 2 years producer

What We Like :

  • Easy to easy.
  • Glass provides you with top-rate appearance.
  • Best Build in Quality.
  • Light Weight.
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty.

What We dont’t Like :

  • Price is little expensive.

3) Eveready 2 Burner Gas Stove

Everaedy has a became the known brand in the kitchen appliances as it offers the best features products of kitchen and has best gas stoves in India too. Eveready has an notable combination of advanced design and unbeatable overall performance, Eveready’s range of gasoline stoves are pretty flexible. Ordinary gas stoves are unable to deliver long-lasting performance while Eveready fuel stoves are recognized for sturdiness and staying power. Its notable functions encompass:

  • Toughened glass top
  • Rust resistance
  • Heavy-responsibility brass burners
  • Easy to smooth
  • Elegant layout
  • The chrome steel drip tray
Eveready 2 burner gas stove


  • High Powered Burner, Shape: Rectangle
  • Toughened Glasstop, Rust Proof: Yes
  • Premium finish powder-covered bossy
  • Full black powder coated body
  • Heat Resistant Toughened Glass
  • Premium Finish Full Black Body
  • Color: Black, Material: Stainless Steel
  • Package Contents: 1 Gas Stove, 1 Warranty Card
  • Warranty: 2 yr onsite assurance

What We Like :

  • Comes at very low prices
  • 2 High efficiency brass burners.
  • Premium finish toughened glass cooktop.
  • Rust resistant 

What We dont’t Like :

  • No ISI Certification

4) Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner

Elica have its name for its kitchen appliances in the world.similarly Elica brand has best gas stoves in India its elica vetro glass top 3 burner has Outlined with premium end glass top, it offers a rust resistance texture whilst delivering durable performance. Toughened glass with 2 years warranty, complements the aesthetics of the stove whilst ensuring sturdiness and safety. Stainless metallic guide plate beneath the glass maintains its sturdiness and sturdiness prepared with three wonderful sized burners; 1 small and 2 medium for your numerous wishes.

This operated by hand gasoline stove comes with smoothly operated knobs. Euro lined grid supports assist to preserve your pans and pots solid. It makes your burner greater dependable and ensures that it looks evergreen. Its toughened glass could be very clean to smooth and keep.

Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 3 Burner


  • Outlined With Premium Finish Glass Top, it gives a rust resistance texture at the same time as delivering lengthy-lasting overall performance.
  • Toughened Glass With 2 Years Warranty, complements the aesthetics of the stove even as making sure durability & safety. & 2 years warranty on the product too.
  • Stainless Steel support plate below the glass maintains its durability and sturdiness
  • Equipped With three Distinct Sized Burners; 1 Small & 2 Medium for your varied desires. This operated by hand gasoline stove comes with smoothly operated Knobs.
  • Euro covered grid helps help to hold your pans & pots strong. It makes your burner extra dependable and ensures that it appears

What We Like :

  • Budget-pleasant.
  • Easy to clean up
  • The design is of top rate first-class.
  • It doesn’t take an awful lot of countertop space.
  • Euro Coated plate aid.

What We dont’t Like :

  • Require a separate drip tray to keep the burners easy.

5) Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 3 Burner

When you start looking for the kitchen appliances prestige is the name comes in our mind first.Prestige has made its name to all over the world for its kitchen appliances and for best gas stoves in India also.Prestige Marvel Plus Gas Stove. A Smart and Compact Glass pinnacle Gas desk for a contemporary kitchen! The area of expertise of this Glass Top Gas Stove from Prestige is that it’s miles compact in size and thoughtfully designed to devour much less countertop area. These gasoline tables come with shatterproof toughened glass top for longer life and convenient cleaning. It has distinctly efficient tri pin burners, which lets you cook dinner quicker and extra efficiently. These fuel tables are a mixture of overall performance, performance and true looks and exquisite cost for cash merchandise.

Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 3 Burner


  • Content: Prestige Marvel LP Gas Table with Glass Top, three Brass Burners- Gtm 03 L
  • Net Quantity: 1 Unit; Value: Brass Gas Valve; Special Feature: Compact Gas Table
  • Spill-proof layout, Ignition kind: Manual
  • Ergonomically designed knobs
  • High-efficiency tri pin burners
  • Elegant black toughened glass pinnacle
  • Color: Black, Material: MS Powder
  • Coated body with Glass Top, Shape: Rectangle
  • Warranty: 2 years producer

What We Like :

  • Beautiful and compact.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Knobs are easy.
  • Extra drip tray

What We dont’t Like :

  • No auto ignition system

6) Lifelong 3 burner Glass Top Gas Stove

Lifelong is a brand which come with the fine feature and stylish its name lifelong it has its product a fine quality to standout in the market and carry the best gas stoves in India product  list too. 

Lifelong gas range with three burners is a notably fine stove. The glass top is toughened to be shatter-proof. It looks stylish and provides charm to your kitchen. The burner stands are designed to be spill-proof, so you don’t need to fear approximately your vessels toppling over.

The knobs are ergonomically designed for ease-of-use. Moreover, they may be engineered to keep away from leakage of gas to provide you with secure and elegant cooking enjoyment. The compact layout of the range saves you quite a few counter-top spaces.

Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 3 Burner


  • 6mm Beautiful black toughened glass pinnacle (thicker glass to closing longer
  • 3 Burner gasoline range dimensions seventy three cm x 34 cm x 9 cm ; Item Weight: 6.7 kg
  • Nylon knobs: Ergonomically designed knobs with warmth resistant nylon covers
  • Anti-Skid Feet for clean operations
    1 year guarantee against manufacturing defects
  • We provide provider at your step with our network of service centers throughout India

What We Like :

  • Easy to use with its ergonomically designed knobs
  • Has a 1-year assurance
  • All components are warmth resistant
  • Thick and toughened glass top
  • Easy to smooth
  • This is an excessive-performance burner

What We dont’t Like :

  • Be cautious with the sharp edges on the detachable metallic frames

7) Prestige Marvel Glass 4 Burner

Prestige is a that brand we can not deny its features,quality and designed.Prestige covers the desired requirement of kitchen appliances which needs every women in their kitchen.elegant feature products with elegant design.Prestige also covers the best gas stoves in India on its list prestige marvel glass 4 Burner is one of the best product to use.

The Finest Quality of Toughened Glass
Upgrade your present range to Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Table and revel in world-class best in your kitchen. A stylish glass top gas stove with four burners and shatter-evidence toughened glass, this tool provides sophistication to your kitchen. The 4 knobs are designed for ease-of-use and the tri-pin burners come in exclusive sizes so that you can use various one-of-a-kind utensils on it. The glass top on this range is designed to be spill-proof and easy to clean, additionally giving the range a sleek and elegant look.

Prepare Delicious Meals with Ease
The Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Table is made to operate manually, making it efficient and cheap. The intensity of the flame may be improved or decreased in line with your cooking requirements with no hassles. As the knobs perform smoothly, you can function this range effects and without problems.

Simple to Clean and Maintain
This gasoline top is fashionable, stylish and cutting-edge. With its sleek end, it will become less difficult so that you can smooth. Keep your range looking as excellent as new by using the usage of mild cleaning soap and a few lukewarm glasses of water to wipe off meals and oil stains without difficulty.

Prestige Marvel Glass 4 Burner


  • Spill evidence design
  • Ergonomically designed knobs
  • High-efficiency tri pin burners
  • Elegant black toughened glass pinnacle
  • Color: Black, Material: Powder Coated
  • Body with Glass Top
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Gas Stove
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Dimension: L sixty three.5 x B 60 x H 15.Five cm

What We Like :

  • Finest quality
  • Easy to handle
  • Wasy to use
  • Easy to maintain

What We dont’t Like :

  • The surface shatters or scratches without proper handling.

8) Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove

As the listed gas stove list elica provides the best gas stoves in India It offers the Elica Vetro Top 4 Burner Gas Stove Which is highly recommended for your kitchen.4 Burner Gas stove highly suitable large number of family.

Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas stove is crafted with a top rate finish glass top, it offers an imperviousness to rust surface at the same time as conveying enduring performance. Equipped with 4 distinct length burners; 2 small, 1 medium and 1 jumbo burner on your various wishes. This gas range comes with smoothly operated knobs.

The double drip trays are perfect to soak up all spills on the stovetop, so easy to wipe them off. No messy goop or grease after cooking, just elevate removable tray, smooth and place it returned. Long-lasting euro coated pan supports, maintains your pans and pots strong in order that it does now not wobble whilst you cook. Featured with extremely durable heavy-duty brass burners that provide clean and sharp flames whenever you cook.

Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove


  • Outlined with top class end Glass Top, it gives a rust resistance texture whilst turning in durable performance.
  • Toughened glass with 7 years warranty, enhances the aesthetics of the range at the same time as making sure durability & safety. & 2 years on product too.
  • Stainless Steel aid plate under the glass continues its sturdiness and durability.
  • Equipped with four wonderful sized burners; 2 Small & 2 Medium on your varied wishes. This operated by hand gasoline range comes with easily operated Knobs.
  • Euro covered grid helps help to keep your pans & pots solid. It makes your burner more dependable and ensures that it appears evergreen.

What We Like :

  • The guide plate is made of chrome steel.
  • Auto Ignition.
  • Designer Knobs.
  • European fuel valves.
  • Easy to use.

What We dont’t Like :

  • Auto-Ignition needs to be maintained.

9) Pigeon by stovekraft Blaze Backline Glass 4 Burner Gas Cooktop

Pegion is also making its place in the market for its good product of kitchen appliances and also has its product of best gas stoves in India.Pigeon by stovekraft blaze backline glass 4 burner gas cooktop is one of the good product for buying.It is a  four-burner cooktop is designed to in shape all of your cooking wishes. The surprisingly durable brass burners provide uniform warmth conduction for even heating of food and allow you to correctly multi-venture within the kitchen. The hairline finish stainless-steel body, toughened glass, and designer knobs make for an elegant kitchen accessory. Crafted to make your cooking relaxed and convenient.

Pigeon by stovekraft Blaze Backline Glass 4 Burner Gas Cooktop


  • Hairline end stainless steel body
  • Compact and without problems shaped
  • Easy to easy drip tray
  • Designer toughened glass to preserve the high temperature
  • Strong tubular rubber legs for a company grip
  • Unbreakable knobs
  • High high-quality brass burners
  • Uniquely designed pan help for higher balance; Included Components 1-Piece Gas range with Drip Tray and Burners

What We Like :

  • Budget-pleasant
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Toughened glass
  • 2 years guarantee
  • Easy to Clean
  • Flame is ideal
  • Durable brass burner

What We dont’t Like :

  • Stand peak is a chunk low.

Frequently Asked Question?

There are several correct manufacturers that you can search for. Some of the manufacturers that we like are-
* Elica
* Prestige
* Glen
* Pigeon
* Sunflame

Yes. The latest fashions of glass stoves are made with toughened glass, which has excessive persistence tiers of warmth and could be very sturdy and durable.

Yes, the ISI mark is the assurance of protection. The fuel stoves, which can be ISI certified, are manufactured following the protection standards and suggestions. This mark guarantees most safety, and most people of the good manufacturers are ISI certified.

Buying online is best and beneficial. You get all the benefits. you don’t have to do bargaining in case you acquire a faulty product you may get a substitute or complete refund of the money which isn’t the case with offline stores. To ensure that you buy true merchandise move for Amazon Fulfilled dealers.

Yes. A leak within the gas pipe can purpose a disaster. So, check the pipes and additionally trade them now and again to make sure your safety.

Auto-ignition stoves have emerge as famous ones now-a-days as they’re a great deal robust, portable and power-efficient. The feature of auto-ignition doesn’t require any guide operations. Just by way of shifting the manage knob, the flame will automatically turn on. Though they will be expensive, they’re first-rate proper for those who need smart technologies.

By considering the regular cooking wear and tear, the existence expectancy of a fuel range can remaining from 5 – 10 years. However, this could also depend upon the sort of gas range surface, burner material, cleansing, frequency of utilization and others. If the gas range isn’t well maintained the performance of it automatically decreases so make proper use.

Yes, range based on aluminum burners may be inexpensive, but they may be no longer as long-lasting as brass burners. They are less corrosion resistant and doesn’t have the green warmth distribution as the brass burners the brass burner is always a good choice.

When you use electric stoves, it’s hard to inform whether the floor has already cooled down or not. With gas stoves, there’s way lesser chance to be able to burn or to accidentally hurt yourself since the flames are seen while they may be on.


We have listed the best gas stoves in India which are quality stoves in India primarily based on our testing and we attempted to include a version for each category so that each kind of person gets a choice. Some have exclusive desires and budgets. So, recognize what your wishes and finances are. Then decide what kind of stoves are perfect for your kitchen. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally get a commission through purchases made through our links.
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