Best Kitchen Hobs In India 2020 - Buys and Review

As you can see today’s era becoming so modern. everyone is attracting to moderns things . Things that can be rather in use and easy to deal with. In our Indian culture kitchen has a unique significance.

It assumes that the kitchen is core a part of the house. Indian women need their kitchen best and exquisite.The modern kitchen requires modern hobs which exactly suits your kitchen for constructing a new kitchen. The best kitchen hobs in India 2020 are available which gives elegant look to your kitchen.

kitchen hubs

This become more beautiful when you use perfect appliances for your kitchen it doesn’t matter how stylish your kitchen look like If you are using that old stoves it gives dull and old appearance.gas stoves is the main appliances in our kitchen. which gives delicious food to us. that makes a enormous difference in your kitchen. modern kitchen requires modern kitchen hobs which will exactly suits your modern kitchen set. Best Kitchen Hobs In India use for whether your renovating or constructing new kitchen. A fancy hob with clever functions makes your kitchen stand out and takes your cooking into an entirely new level.

If you want to renovate your kitchen hob tops are the best choice. This is not match to your modern kitchen but also it is very efficient.

In this article we are going to share about kitchen hob tops. Many of the people don’t know about the kitchen hob tops it is nothing but updated version of gas stoves that we fits inside the countertop of the kitchen. It is very efficient and spacious. it comes with the many updated and safely features.

 Top 9 Kitchen Hobs | Best Kitchen Hobs In India

1) Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop Hob

Elica is the best brand when it comes to trust-able kitchen appliances. Elica offers highly effective three brass burners kitchen hobs with different unique beneficial features.It is right for a kitchen with compact space regions. It comes with a tempered glass floor and is resistant and easy to maintain.

It also has battery worked automobile-ignition aspect that suits at the flame with the flip of a knob. The 360 rotating feature makes it one of the best kitchen hobs in India.

It’s ultra floating layout not only attractive but also gives your kitchen luxurious appearance. it has 3 burners 2 bigger and 1 small ,burner. cook on this at the same time is easy and manageable. it has well quality controls knobs for the gas flow and auto ignition feature.

Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop Hob


  • It has stainless steel body
  • It has high quality knobs
  • It has round grids
  • Auto ignition system
  • Heavy brass burners feature
  • Round grid
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Gas Stove (670 mm x 390 mm x a hundred forty five mm)
  • Warranty: 2 years

What We Like :

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Most reliable brand
  • Great performance product
  • Highly efficient with brass burners
  • Easy to clean

What We dont’t Like :

  • Larger and heavier vessels
  • Expensive compare to others

2) Prestige Hobtop3-burner auto ignition gas stove

Prestige is one of the best brand when we look forward to buy any of the kitchen appliances. It is very renowned brand in kitchen appliances industry.

Prestige offers a prestige hob top 3 burner auto ,ignition gas stove. It is the Best Kitchen Hobs In India available in the market who comes with auto ignition system. It has two color combo black and grey with tough glass body. You can use it either as a standing stove or an in-build hob as per your convenience.

This function makes it stand out in the market. By the use of splendid pan supporter it ensures its durability and balance for the pots and pan.

Prestige Hobtop3-burner auto ignition gas stove


  • It is the world’s slimmest cook hobtop
  • Unique color glass
  • Designed by sabaf burners for Indians
  • Special feature to provide uniform heating
  • It consume less gas
  • Multitasking hubtop
  • Warranty: 2 years

What We Like :

  • Trustable Brand
  • Cast iron pan supporter for better handling
  • Good looks
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Auto ignition
  • It can be use as a stove or hob

What We dont’t Like :

  • Glass quality is not that better
  • Auto ignition may become defective in some cases

3) Bosch Gas HOB PGC6B5B80I

When it comes to planning your kitchen appliances BOSCH is a very trustable brand. Bosch kitchen appliances are always highly rated for its quality, durability and reliability. You will never fill regret to buy products from this brands it will always give you positive results. whether it is other kitchen appliances or kitchen hub tops it will always be a great choice.

Bosch hub tops are comes with high quality fixtures and with well square design. there hobs burners are placed very organically on stainless steel frame. which looks very attractive. Bosch burner has high speed capability of 3000 W power.

It has the great feature to shut off the hob in case wind start blowing into the kitchen. It protects you from unwanted accidents.

Bosch Gas HOB PGC6B5B80I


  • Depending on gas type 3 different power burners. Large wok burner has 3300 W power. economy burner has 1000 W power and rear right burner has 3000 W power.
  • Auto ignition system
  • Hob tops made up of high end stainless steel.
  • It comes with flame failure safety

What We Like :

  • Attractive controlling knobs
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Best choice hob for Indians
  • Good pan support for utensils
  • Easy to use and clean

What We dont’t Like :

  • No scratch resistance stainless steel but it can be run long last without any maintenance.

4) Seavy 3 brass burner hob

This is for the those buyers who look for the product with affordable price with great features. Seavy comes with your this requirements which gives you all the desirable features at your own price.

Seavy hub top brings its affordable price also its classy looks who attracts everyone’s. Along with its great design company has added some tweak in it which makes it worthy product to buy.

Seavy has 3 brass burners there burners are arranged very organically. There burners are designed simple yet rugged for the easy operation and cleaning purpose. It gives you safe environment while cooking with its auto ignition system.

This hub tops get perfectly fit and required a limited space .The unique pan support offers you the safe kitchen experience. This cook top is designed in a compact fashion to in shape the kitchen layout that is used in maximum of the houses in recent times. They match in flawlessly and use constrained space.

Seavy 3 brass burner hob


  • Space saving designed hub top
  • 3 different size brass burners
  • Free standing hob
  • Auto ignition system
  • Rustproof pan support system

What We Like :

  • Built quality is good
  • well spaced burners
  • Efficient fuel installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain

What We dont’t Like :

  • The glass top is suppose to prone to stains and marks.
  • Warranty period is shorter

5) Glen GL 1074 IN BW Built-in Hob burner

This is the best product for those who love to live in joined family In a joined family where kitchen and its appliances has a main role from making to serving. For such families Best Kitchen Hobs In India Glen GL 1074 In BW Built in Hob Burner is a best choice. Although it is also good for smaller kitchen too for limited space.

Glen Gl hob tops has 4 burners with brilliant designed and dual tone body which makes it stand out in the market and gives modern look. This modern hub top work amazingly with its smart tweak like efficient manageable space, reliability, good performance. Glen is one of the best choice if you are looking for 4 burner hub tops.

Glean has constructed by keeping Indian habits in mind. Thick top 8mm glass is easy to maintain. The 4 brass burners 2 larger and 2 smaller has made for convenience cooking. so that utensils should not get crammed. it gives hassle free cooking experience On the other hand matte steel tray collects the spillover it so that slippage get clean easily and Its Italian gas valve ensures total safety.

Glen GL 1074 IN BW Built-in Hob burner


  • It has 8mm thick toughened glass
  • It is more durable with MS pan support
  • It has Italian double ring 4 burner
  • It is heat and scratch resistance
  • It has Italian valve for no gas leakage
  • Perfect flaming control
  • 5 years guarantee of manufacturing

What We Like :

  • Easy to use
  • It has efficient fuel consumption
  • It is reliable brand
  • Easy to maintain

What We dont’t Like :

  • NO Glass warranty
  • Little confusing to use round knobs

6) Elica Hob 4 Burner Classic MFC 4B 60 MT

Elica is one of the bestest brand for kitchen appliances. If you really make a choice to buy 4 hob top burners elica hob 4 burner classic MFC 4B 60 MT can be a better choice. It is one of the quality-designed gas hobs ever because it’s fabricated from more than one sized brass burners to fits various cooking vessels of various size and shape. It ensure its stability by the use of grid which are made up of cast iron with pan support.

its special feature makes it different from other that its auto ignition system can be easily set up through electricity. if you are planning to set up elica hob top just make sure to make a power socket exactly below the countertop so that you can take the benefits of this special feature. you may also use the match box and light too for burn the flame.

Elica makes your cooking less stressful and fun. as its black design gives it outstanding look also gives durable and long lasting features. Moreover, Elica hobs are fitted with a top-class smooth quality working knobs. As a result, these knobs become friction-free rotational. therefore adjusting the flame becomes much smoother.Therefore it become one of the Best Kitchen Hobs In India

Elica Hob 4 Burner Classic MFC 4B 60 MT


  • It has beautiful design with premium glass finish
  • 4Distict size burners are available 2 double
  • Ring, 1 dual ring and 1 mini triple ring
  • Bburners
  • Auto ignition
  • It has multi flame control system
  • Mainly flame failure safety

What We Like :

  • It has attractive and premium look
    easy to use
  • Elica offers free installation after the elivery of product
  • Best build-in hob for Indians
  • It is made from corrosion resistance and Scratch resistance materials
  • It has multi size ring brass burners for different cooking needs

What We dont’t Like :

  • There are no cons present if we compare to other products.

7) Sunflame CT Hob 4 Burner Gas Hob, Black

Cooking at home makes your loved one’s more happy. Indian families always prefer to cook delicious food at home and make their family or guest much happier. For making this delicious food fast and easy Sunflame CT Hob 4 Burner Gas Hob will make your work more easy. Sunflame known for its name from the decades sunflame is knowing for its quality kitchen appliances.Therefore it is one of the most reliable brand of Best Kitchen Hobs In India Those who are believe in investing on quality product and brand sunflame is the best choice you ever make.

Sunflame hubtops are very budget friendly and efficient. it is the best choice of Best Kitchen Hobs In India for your kitchen. it is embedded with 4 burner model and perform as a multitasked. its elegant design makes your kitchen look more attractive and luxurious. Sunflame has highly efficient brass burners which consumes less LPG and give more heat as we compare to TRB burners. Besides its efficient design and look they are very long lasting.

It is designed by the toughened black glass cook top which makes it look elegant. it is free from heat and break resistance also scratch and stain proof so that it come so easy to clean and maintain

Sunflame CT Hob 4 Burner Gas Hob, Black


  • It has 4 burners one big size, one small size and 2 middle size
  • It has smooth operating knobs
  • Euro coated with pan support which prevents from chipping of and provides more care
  • It has non- magnetic high grade stainless steel base with matt finish look

What We Like :

  • It is more affordable
  • 4 burners makes cooking faster and easier
  • Strong build quality
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain
  • It has superior performing quality

What We dont’t Like :

  • Its lower peon of the burner get black easily

8) Faber Hobtop Imperia 603 BRB CI BK 3 Brass Burner Auto

Faber imperia series hob cook top hybrid provides you great cooking experience and makes you feel better in your kitchen section. This imperia hob hybrids designed specially by keeping in mind Indian culture. Its heavy duty iron pan support designed gives better balance to Indian cookware.Faber hobtop is also became the Best Kitchen Hobs In India

It has 3 brass burners and left to right metal knobs so it become so easy to use and for set up design. It has special features you can use it as hob top or build in as per your choice. Its triple ring flame and double ring burner are used for slow cooking also in- built auto electric feature is also available.

This hob has 3 brass burners with 1 triple ring flame and 2 dual ring burners which helps your cooking for making delicious variety of dishes. also theirs black enamel coating spread the flame evenly so dishes get cooked uniformly from all over. It has the auto ignition system which increases the reliability on the product and reduce maintenance. This auto ignition may be auto electric and battery operated. its metallic design makes it unique and beautiful.It is one of the Best Kitchen Hobs In India.


  • It has 3KW triple ring burner for heavy usage
  • Auto ignition system
  • It has higher efficiency gas consumption
  • It has cast iron pan support
  • It has compact and elegant design
  • Premium quality metallic knobs
  • Toughened black glass

What We Like :

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Can be use as a hob or cooktop

What We dont’t Like :

  • There are no cons present if we compare to other products.

9) Whirlpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove Hob

When we start talking about brand whirlpool is also a very popular name comes in our mind. This is also a very popular in kitchen industry.whirlpool has its hand on Best Kitchen Hobs In India Whirlpool also provide us Whirlpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Stove Hob It has high quality 4 burners with auto ignition system. This hob tops comes with advance technology which is perfect all type size families.

This whirlpool hob efficient, multitasking brass burners with flaming control quality. it provides uniform heating evenly and mainly uses the more LPG gas. If you think buy the hob tops this is one of the best choice you make. It look beautiful with his high quality toughened glass which gives your kitchen modern look. it is not only look beautiful but also it is more durable and attractive. It is perfect product for long duration cooking and also the known brand for Best Kitchen Hobs In India.

Whirlpool 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove Hob


  • Provides 4 burner facility can cook many dishes at a time
  • It has heat resistance Knobs
  • Highly efficient multi-ring multi-control burners available.

What We Like :

  • 10 years warranty
  • 5 years of warranty on brass burners
  • Best hob for Indian cooking
  • Easy to use and clean

What We dont’t Like :

  • Less space between two burners

Buying Guide For Kitchen Hob

For every one kitchen is the main part of their house. They want their kitchen as stylish as they want. Today’s people are attracting towards a new and innovating thing like for kitchen modular kitchen is the great choice. If you make your choice of modular kitchen hobs should be the main choice.

Because your old stoves will not give with your stylish modular kitchen. if you want to make your kitchen ultra beautiful then hub tops is going to slay on your kitchen. For this you have to installed this hub tops in your kitchen but before this they are few things you have to keep in mind while buying and installing.

Let’s see what are they-

  • No. of Burners
  • Body Material
  • Safety for Flame Failure
  • Design and Dimension
  • Hob surface
  • Ignition feature
  • Pan support
  • Enough space for Cooking
  • Easy to Clean Burner
  • Price and Warranty

1. No. of Burners:

First thing while buying the hob you have to decide how many burners do you need for your usage. According to your use decide no of burners. These burners comes in 2,3,4 and 5 variants. According to our study three and four variant burners need more space than two. so two hob burners need less space and convenient.

Also by our study 4 burner kitchen are liked by many people and it is becoming so popular now a days because it requires less space on countertop and can be connect to 60cm and 90 cm chimney too.

2. Body Material:

The body of the hob should be most durable, corrosion resistance material. The body have to be manufactured from long lasting, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance fabric, which should also adds a top rate finish to the product. like the toughened glass which covers the body and the fine grids who are made up of cast iron so that it can be safe.

3. Safety for Flame Failure

In almost all kitchen hob there is special feature available for auto- ignition it is just lighten up by just turning the knob without any outsource like matchbox or lighter and this feature attracts many buyers if in case auto ignition fails in turning on or the flame is going off at the same time as cooking due to external reasons, then it’s going to turn off the gas supply right away to save you gasoline leakage. so it’s better to buy from reputed brand who provides such protecting features.

4. Design and Dimension:

Design and Dimension you should check because as you are fitting hobs to your kitchen so the given dimension of the product should fit in your kitchen which will give proper look to your kitchen.

5. Hob Surface:

The kitchen hobs surface are most likely available in either stainless-steel or tempered glass which are easy to clean and maintain in our kitchen. This also provides excellent corrosion resistance.

6. Ignition Feature:

The hub tops are available in automatic ignition which help in burning the flame in automatic way. just by way of the pressing the knobs burns the flame. This auto ignition is related to electric source who work with a chord of the hobs. In some of the cases hobs are supplied with a battery for auto ignition.

7.  Pan Support:

Pan supporters made by using cast iron and coated with enamel to save you from any sort of breaking.

8.  Enough Space for Cooking:

Always check the burners are placed in a convenient position so that the cooking can be hassle free and you can use all the burners at a time.

9.  Easy to Clean Burner:

Make sure your hob should be easy to clean and maintain. Use liquid soap for shine and removing dust.

10. Price and Warranty:

When you finally plan to buy the hob for your kitchen price is least importance over the one time best installation of hob with highest quality and features. As the price increases you the modern features into it plus the warranty period. So check the price and warranty before buying the product.

Frequently Asked Question?

It is basically 60 to 90 cm but the most preferable size is 60cm.It is also depends on how much space available in your kitchen.

Auto ignition gas hobs works with aid if turning the knob whereas the burners ignites through battery or electricity .this auto ignition feature coming in not only in hobs but in gas stoves also and it is making the work fun and easy.

  • Elica
  • Bosch
  • Sunflame
  • Glen
  • Faber
  • Prestige
  • Whirlpool

By daily cleaning you can you can protect from accidents.


Coming to the conclusion if you are planning to build the your kitchen more stylish make a choice for kitchen hobs. which will give your kitchen more attractive and stylish look. Try your hand on above products we have carried the best choices of best kitchen hobs in India for your choices.

we have mentioned all the regarding features and explanation so that you can take your decision easily and grab the best one. Believe us these are the best hobs for your better usability is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Additionally get a commission through purchases made through our links.
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